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Question 1

Which of the following is limit of the moisture content that can be achieved in the air drying process of timber?

Question 2

The grade of concrete M 20 means that characteristic compressive strength of 15 cm cubes after 28 days is given by

Question 3

Calculate the magnetic declination, if the magnetic bearing of a line is N 81° E and the true bearing of the line is N 77° E.

Question 4

The ratio of Young’s modulus to modulus of rigidity for a material having Poisson’s ratio 0.2 is:

Question 5

If Applied load on a material is 7 kN and elongation due to applied load is 3 mm then total strain energy

Question 6

What is the plume shape during unstable, super-adiabatic atmosphere conditions termed as?

Question 7

Effluent from wastewater treatment plant (flow rate = 6 m3/s, Temperature = 250C) is discharged to a surface stream (Flow rate 1.2 m3/s, Temperature = 150C). What is the temperature of the stream after mixing?

Question 8

A CC pavement of slab thickness 20 cm is placed over a soil with coefficient of friction as 1.2 and the length of the pavement between two successive contraction joints is 4 m, width of slab panel is 3 m, the density of concrete is 2400 kg/m3. The frictional stress developed during peak winter is:

Question 9

Which of the following is equivalent to one kilo-Pascal?

Question 10

On increasing the temperature of a liquid, the viscosity of the liquid ______ .
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