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Question 1

The value of Sodium Adsorption Ratio for medium sodium water lies between

Question 2

The flow in open channel is laminar if the Reynolds number is

Question 3

A 6hr storm had 6cm of rainfall and direct runoff was 3 cm. If the  - index remains at the same value, the runoff due to 8 cm of rainfall in 8 hr in the catchment is

Question 4

In the surveys, the slope correction applied to the base line is ______.

Question 5

Hyetograph is

Question 6

In chain surveying field work is limited to _______.

Question 7

Runoff cannot be determined by

Question 8

The surface of zero elevation around the earth, which is slightly irregular and curved is known as ________.

Question 9

Which of the following are the required corrections for runway length?

Question 10

In a theodolite the line of collimation is ________.
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