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Question 1

Which of the following is the primary reason for placing field winding on the rotor in an alternator?

Question 2

Find the current io in the circuit ____ ?

Where [io = current in the 6Ω resistance].

Question 3

The inductance of single phase two wire power transmission line per kilometer get double when the

Question 4

A salient-pole synchronous generator delivers 50% of rated power to an infinite bus. If its field excitation fails.

Question 5

Resistance switching is normally restored in case of

Question 6

The voltage and current waveform in a circuit is given by

V(t) = 230 sin (ωt — 30°)

i(t) = 5 sin (ωt + 30°)

find the power factor of the circuit

Question 7

Inside the hollow conducting sphere, electric field

Question 8

A transistor has a current gain of 0.98 in common base mode. Its current gain in common emitter mode will be

Question 9

Obtain the Minimized SOP form of function f (A,B,C,D) where f is given as Σm(0,3,4,5,7,9,11,14,15).

Question 10

An open loop transfer function is given as . Find out the break away point of its root locus plot.
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