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Question 1

Math List-I with List-II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

List-I (Type of cement)

P. Low heat cement

Q. Rapid hardening cement

R. High Alumina cement

S. Sulphate resisting cement

List-II (Uses)

1) Refractory bricks

2) Repair of concrete pavements

3) Concrete under water

4) Heavy raft footing

Question 2

A section line AB appears to be 10.16 cm on a photograph for which the focal length is 16 cm. The corresponding line measures 2.54 cm on a map, which is to a scale 1/50,000. The terrain has an average elevation of 200 m above mean sea level. The flying altitude of the aircraft above mean sea level during photograph will be

Question 3

Consider following statements with respect to advantage of Hoffman’s klin over bull’s trench klin:

1) It requires less space

2) It can function during rainy season

3) Percentage of good quality bricks are more

4) Initial cost is less

Correct statement(s) is/are:

Question 4

Consider the following points related to systematic Error.

i. They arises from the source that act in a similar manner on all observation.

ii. They are compensating in nature.

Question 5

Three activities implementable in parallel, have the following time-cost relationships for direct cost component in each:
Activity A: 10 days — 800 units;
9 days — 900 units; 8
days — 1000 units
Activity B: 11 days — 1200 units;
10 days — 1350 units;
9 days — 1500 units;
Activity C : 7 days — 500 units;
6 days — 700 units
5 days — 900 units
The feasible range of total direct cost component for the three activities together is

Question 6

A beam with given loading is shown in figure. What is the ratio of bending at B to C

Question 7

The shear stress distribution for a circular section of diameter ‘d’ under the action of shear force ‘S’ is correctly shown by:

Question 8

Consider following statements regarding clay minerals:

1. Correct sequence of activity of Kaolinite, Iolite and Montmorillonite is Illite < Kaolinite < Montmorillonite

2. Montmorillonite clay mineral has largest specific surface

3. Hydrogen bond is present in the kaolinite mineral

4. Montmorillonite mineral is present in the Bentonite soil used as drilling mud.

Correct statements (s) is/are:

Question 9

Which of the following design criteria for filter to avoid piping failure of a hydraulic structure is not correct:




Question 10

Diagonal tension failure occurs due to
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