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Question 1

Consider the following statements regarding cement mortar

1) Silicate type chemical resistance mortar has good resistance to hydrofluoric acid

2) Sulphur type chemical resistance mortar has poor resistance to alkalis

3) The interior surface of a building may be plastered with cement mortar containing cement and sand in the ratio 1 : 6

Which of these statements are correct ?

Question 2

Under normal conditions using ordinary cement, the period of removal of the form work, is

Question 3

A rectangular plot of 16 km2 in area is shown on a map by a similar rectangular area of 1 cm2. R.F. of the scale to measure a distance of 40 km will be

Question 4

The focal length of the object glass is 32 cm & the distance from object glass to trunnion axis is 22 cm, the additive constant is

Question 5

Which of the following is the most correct estimate?

Question 6

There are two square columns of equal length and of same material. First has both ends hinged while the second has both ends fixed. If both the columns need to have equal buckling load, the size of the first column is __ times the size of the second column.

Question 7

In a continuous three span beam having equal lengths there is a symmetrical loading on both the end spans while the middle span is unloaded. Then the variation of the shear force in the middle span will be

Question 8

For very severe condition, Minimum grade of concrete required for RCC is

Question 9

Which of the following is incorrect for Bentonite soil?

Question 10

What is the type of scale in which the representative fraction is 1:1?
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