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RPSC 2018 Civil Engg Mini Mock Quiz 5

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Question 1

The phenomenon of slow growth of strain under a steady stress is called:

Question 2

A fixed base symmetrical frame is shown in the figure write slope deflection equation for moment at B for member AB:

Question 3

A propped cantilever of span ‘L’ fixed at A and simply supported at B is subjected to concentrated load ‘W’ at centre, reaction at B:

Question 4

The degree of static indeterminacy of pin-jointed space frame is given by:

Question 5

For economical spacing of roof truss, if t, p and r are the costs of truss, purlin and roof covering respectively then:

Question 6

Minimum depth of foundation calculated by Rankine’s formula for the design of retaining wall is _____.
Where, = safe bearing capacity of soil
= Density of soil,
𝜙 = Angle of repose

Question 7

Maximum reinforcement provided in a beam section shall not exceed _______.

Question 8

Which statement is not applicable to prestressed concrete members?

Question 9

Which are the major methods of quality control?

Question 10

Who among the following proposed the concept “Fourteen Principles of Administration”?

Question 11

The error which occurs due to bad ranging is called

Question 12

Which of the following statements are true regarding errors occurred in surveying?
1) The error due to sag of a tape supported at the ends is known as cumulative error.
2) The errors which occur due to incorrect graduations of an instrument is called instrumental error.
3) A true error is the difference between a measured and true value.

Question 13

2 soils of void ratio and volume 2m3  each are mixed to form resultant soil of volume 3m3. The porosity of resultant soil is?

Question 14

The curves A, B & C are stress strain curves for

Question 15

Match the following:
List – I
A) soil transported by wind
B) high liquid limit and plasticity
C) soil transported by glaciers
D) soil transported by lakes
List – II
i. Bentonite
ii. Loess
iii. Glacial Drift
iv. lacustrine

Question 16

Dupuit’s assumptions are valid for

Question 17

The speed density relationship on a single lane road with 2 directional flow is given as u = 66-0.33k. The capacity (veh/hr) of one lane of road is?

Question 18

The sleeper density for a broad gauge track if 19 sleepers are used under a rail length. Given that length of a rail for B.G. track is 12.8 metres.

Question 19

A velocity vector is given as

Find the value of

Question 20

Bernoulli’s equation is applicable for
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