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RPSC 2018 Civil Engg Mini Mock Quiz 4

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Question 1

Two parallel rails are running on railway sleepers. The centre-to-centre distance between the rail is ‘b’ with the sleepers projecting by an amount ‘a’ at each end beyond the rails. When the train passes over the rails, the reaction exerted by the ground can be taken as uniformly distributed over the sleeper. The ratio b/a for the condition that the maximum bending moment is as small as possible is

Question 2

Efflorescence of bricks is due to

Question 3

A cantilever beam, 3m long, carries a uniformly distributed load over the entire length. If the slope at the free end is 1 °, the deflection at the free end is

Question 4

Consider the following statements concerning engineering geology:
1) Dams on sedimentary impervious strata dipping upstream will be unsafe
2) In general, igneous rocks are hard and are suitable for construction of large hydraulic structures.
3) Construction of a major dam must be preceded by thorough geotechnical investigations.
4) Construction of dams is never indicated in any active zone of seismicity.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 5

Consider the following statements:
1) IS 3583 refers to Burnt Clay Paving Bricks.
2) IS 5779 refers to Burnt Clay Soling Bricks.
3) IS 3952 refers to Burnt Clay Hollow Bricks.
4) IS 2222 refers to Burnt Clay Lay Bricks.
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 6

If the effective length, effective height and effective thickness of a masonry wall are l, h and t respectively then the slenderness ratio of the wall shall be

Question 7

Consider the following statements:
(i) Dynamic resistance of a soil is not much different from its static resistance
(ii) The most comprehensive pile driving formula is Hiley’s formula
(iii) Pile driving formulae are more useful if the subsoil consists of coarse grained soils
Which of the above statements are correct?

Question 8

The plastic moment capacity MP is

Question 9

The number of plastic hinges required in a structure of indeterminate status for a ‘mechanism’ to develop is

Question 10

The ultimate moment capacity of a mild steel section is usually

Question 11

A soil deposit has a void ratio of 1.0 If the void ratio is reduced to 0.60 by compaction, the percentage volume loss is

Question 12

The ratio of dry unit weight to unit weight of water represents

Question 13

The virgin compression curve with axes adopted as per convention in this regard for a clay soil is shown in the figure. The compression index of the soil is

Question 14

A stepped steel shaft is subjected to a clockwise torque of 10 Nm at its free end. Shear modulus of steel is 80 GPa. The strain energy stored in the shaft is

Question 15

Rigid module are those outlets in which ;
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