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Question 1

Which disease is hereditary?

Question 2

The aim of assessment according to National Education Policy 2020 is –

Question 3

According to Jean Piaget children in preoperational stage of development are able to do :

Question 4

Choose the appropriate antonym for the given word:


Question 5

Answer the following question by selection the most appropriate option. 
Which of the following is an example of metaphor?

Question 6

Which one of the following sentences has the correct verb form?

Question 7

निम्न में से प्रत्येक मे संधि है?

Question 8

अधि’ उपसर्ग से बना शब्द नहीं है।

Question 9

निम्न दिए शब्दों में से तत्सम शब्द कौन सा है?

Question 10

find the remainder when  is divided by 23?

Question 11

Find the remainder when  is divided by 23?

Question 12

Sound travels at 440 metre per second. The distance (in kilometre) of a thunder cloud when its sound follows the flash after 20 seconds is:

Question 13

Who was the first scientist to discover and observe living cells?

Question 14

Iodide of which of the following is most covalent ?

Question 15

Which state consists of super energetic and super excited particles?
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