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Reasoning: Coding decoding & Blood relations

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Question 1

In each of the following questions, select the missing number from the given responses.
If 364 (146) 437, then 574 (?) 641

Question 2

Following words are written in a code language. Study them carefully and find out the word to the given code.
CAR- ϕ α δ
SIT- η ψ κ
WELL- σ i y y
MAP – μ α β
Given code: ϕ α y μ

Question 3

Complete the third equation on the basis of a certain system followed in the first two equations.

1) 5*4*2*1 = 1425
2) 7*8*1*6 = 6817
3) 9*3*7*5 = ?

Question 4

Direction: If MOBILE is written as ZAMSUM, how TUMOR can be written in that code?

Question 5

In a certain code A=26, B=25, W=4, H=19 and all other alphabet is written in that code, then how DELHI is written in that code:

Question 6

Introducing a lady, a lady said, "She is the only daughter of Mohan's grandfather who is my husband's father". How does the lady relate herself with the introduced lady?

Question 7

While pointing towards a woman Samantha said that this woman’s father is my mother’s father’s son. How is woman’s father related to Samantha ?

Question 8

(I) F is the brother of A,

(II) C is the daughter of A,

(III) K is the sister of F,

(IV) G is the brother of C.

Who is the uncle of G?

Question 9

Pointing to a girl, Mr. Suraj said “she is the only daughter of my father's son-in-law”. How is the girl related to Mr. Suraj?

Question 10

M, N, O and P are all different individuals. M is the daughter of N. N is the son of O. O is the father of P.

Which among the following statements is true from the above premises?
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