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Question 1

The load carrying capacity of a column designed by LSM  method is 400 kN, The collapse load of the column is

Question 2

Effective length of a column held in position in both ends and restrained against rotation at one end

Question 3

The reduction coefficient of a reinforced concrete column with an effective length of 4.8 m and size 200 mm x 300 mm is

Question 4

The cross-sectional area of longitudinal reinforcement in column shall not be less than ____ nor more than _____ of the gross cross-sectional area of column

Question 5

An axially loaded square column of size 300 mm x 300 mm has an effective length of 3 m. The minimum eccentricity as per IS 456:2000 is ______.

Question 6

The for square isolated footing location of resultant of bending moment and one way shear is

Question 7

When R.C.C. footing is not to extend in the plot of the neighbouring house, the type of footing preferred is?

Question 8

What should be minimum depth of exploration below an isolated footing?

Question 9

What will be size of square footing required for a column having load of 2400 kN.

Use M30/Fe 415 (SBC = 125 kN/m2)

(size of column = 500 mm × 500 mm)

(use LSM and assume weight of foundation = 20% of column load)

Question 10

The minimum depth require (in mm) for a footing is gross bearing capacity is 120 kN/m2 and angle of repose is 25. (density (r) = 15 kN/m3)
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