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Question 1

Calculate the grade of concrete if modular ratio is 14 and factor of safety is 3

Question 2

The maximum diameter of the reinforcement bars in R.C.C. slabs is ______.

Question 3

Side face reinforcement is provided in a beam when the depth of web exceeds

Question 4

Concrete in sea-water or exposed directly along the sea-coast shall be at least___ Grade in case of plain concrete

Question 5

The maximum allowable percentage of tension reinforcement in R.C.C. beams is ______.

Question 6

Flexural strength of M50 grade concrete is

Question 7

The maximum depth of the neutral axis for a beam with 400 mm as effective depth, in limit state method of design for Fe415 steel is

Question 8

There is a cantilever beam of span 6000 mm of cross- section 200 x 500 mm. Calculate the approximate effective depth of cantilever beam?

Question 9

Which of the following is the minimum thickness of a flat slab that is taken into consideration?

Question 10

The limiting l/D ratio for the end beam of a continuous span whose one end is simply supported and other is continuous is:
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