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"RCC & Prestressed Concrete_Quiz 2 "

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Question 1

A per the stress block defined in IS 456-2000, the limiting depth of neutral axis in a flexural member having effective depth ‘d’ reinforced with Fe 550 grade steel in tension side is

Question 2

Coefficient of shrinkage of high-grade concrete for post tensioned work is

Question 3

An RCC beam is of size 900mmx300mm. It is subjected to a moment of 150 kNm and torque of 30 kNm at limiting conditions. The equivalent bending moment is

Question 4

The percentage of reinforcement in case of slabs, when high strength deformed bars are used is not less than

Question 5

The limiting depth of neutral axis of a beam section 250 × 500 mm cross section with M25 grade concrete and Fe 250 grade steel as per limit state method is

(Assume concrete cover to be 40 mm)

Question 6

Shear key is provided when factor of safety in which of the condition is less than the permissible.

Question 7

What will be a Net upward pressure unreinforced concrete wall footing. If thickness and load carrying capacity of a wall is 72 cm and 600 kN per meter (SBC = 200 kN/m2) Assume weight of footing is 10% of load on the wall

Question 8

A concrete beam of 10 m effective span and 1m effective depth is supported on 500x500 mm2 columns. If the total uniformly distributed load on the beam is 10 MN/m, the design shear force as per working stress method is

Question 9

A beam is called deep beam when it has

Question 10

The design horizontal seismic coefficient is 0.083 and seismic weight is 1020 KN. The design base shear is:
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