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"RCC & Prestressed Concrete_Quiz 1 "

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Question 1

In a square column of side 360 mm, the unsupported length of the column in the direction is considered to be 4 m. The minimum eccentricity for the design of the column is

Question 2

If 16 mm diameter, longitudinal bars are provided in a simply supported beam. The anchorage value for a 90° standard band is.

Question 3

The reduction coefficient of a reinforced concrete column with an effective length of 5.1 m and size 300 mm x 400 mm is (USE WSM)

Question 4

What will be the maximum spacing of shear reinforcement in the beam of size 300 mm x 450 mm?

Question 5

If 10 kN/m is the uniformly distributed load on a circular slab of radius 4 m fixed at its ends, the maximum positive radial moment at its centre is

Question 6

On the basis of the ductility criterion, the better section is

Question 7

The minimum area of steel required per meter length of a slab with overall depth of 100 mm consisting of steel grade Fe500 is

Question 8

Determine the volume of a 5m diameter bunker to store 50 tonnes of coal having density of 10 kN/m3

Question 9

When the ratio of effective length of the column to its least lateral dimension does not exceed 12, it is termed as a

Question 10

Structural steel of grade Fe410 A has ultimate tensile strength of:
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