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Random Variable Starter Quiz

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Question 1

In a binomial distribution, the mean is 9 and the standard deviation is √6. The product of total number of trials and probability of failure of the event in each trial is

Question 2

A year is chosen at random in the 22nd century, what is the probability that it has 53 Sundays?

Question 3

If standard deviation of shaft speed of a pump is 85 RPM and that mean shaft speed of the pump is 350 RPM then find the coefficient of variation in speed.

Question 4

A random variable has probability density function given by

f(x) = 3, 0<x<1

= 0 else where

The value of P(0.5 < x < 0.8) is

Question 5

There are two containers with one containing 5 red and 4 green ball and other containing 4 blue and 5 green balls. One ball is drawn at random from each container. The probability that one is red and another is blue

Question 6

From 6 positive and 8 negative numbers, 3 numbers are chosen at random (without replacement) and multiplied.the probability that the product is positive will be _________.
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