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1 ton of refrigeration is equal to?

  • 1.620 kJ/min
  • 2.21 kJ/min
  • 3.420 kJ/min
  • 4.210 kJ/min
Correct Answer
Option 4:210 kJ/min

1 ton of refrigeration is equal to 210 kJ/min. The term "tonne of refrigeration" is frequently used to specify refrigeration unit definitions. A tonne of refrigeration is the ability to turn one tone of water into ice in 24 hours when it is frozen at 0°C. 1 TR (Ton of refrigeration) = 210 kJ/min = 3.5 kW.

History Of Refrigeration

● It is thought that the seasonal harvesting of snow and ice dates back to before 1000 BC.

● According to historians, this indicates that Jews used ice to cool drinks rather than to preserve food.

● However, little is known about how these ice cellars were built or what the ice was used for. In the book of Proverbs, it says that a faithful messenger is to those who sent him "like the cold of snow in the time of harvest," suggesting that the Jews were the next ancient society to record the harvesting of ice.

● The Shijing, a compilation of ancient Chinese poetry, depicts religious rituals for filling and draining ice caves.

● For cold storage, other ancient civilizations like the Greeks and Romans constructed enormous snow holes that were lined with grass, chaff, or tree branches.

● Egyptians used small earthen jars on the roofs of their homes during the nighttime to evaporatively chill water. This same idea was employed by the ancient Indians to create ice.

● Like the Jews, the Greeks and Romans generally used ice and snow to cool beverages rather than to preserve food.


1 ton of refrigeration is equal to?

210 kJ/min is the equivalent of 1 tonne of refrigeration. To define refrigeration units, the phrase "tonne of refrigeration" is widely used. When water is frozen at 0°C, a tonne of refrigeration is the capacity to transform one tone of water into ice in 24 hours.

1 ton of refrigeration is equal to?


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