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Quant Quiz - Arithmetic - 25 August 2022

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Question 1

Container A contains a mixture of milk and water in ratio 3 : 4 and container B in ratio 5 : 3. If from each of these containers, 56-liter mixture taken out and mixed in a new container having 13-liter water in it already. Find the percentage of water in the new mixture.

Question 2

Rs. 3903 is to be divided in a way that A’s share at the end of 7 years is equal to the B’s share at the end of 9 years. If the rate of interest is 4% compounded annually, find A’s share.

Question 3

The speed of a boat in still water is 12 km/hr. The speed of the stream is 6 km/hr. A person travels 26 km downstream and instantly moves upstream for 20 km. After one hour of  starting his downstream journey, the speed of the stream changes to 4 km/hr. Find the total time required to finish the whole journey.

Question 4

The ratio of the speed of a car and a bus is 12 : 11 respectively. A bike which has speed equal to three-fourth of the speed of car, can cover a distance of 126 km in 7 hrs. The bus will cover 165 km distance in _____.

Question 5

In a school library, there are 110,000 books, 40% of which are science books. It was decided to add 20,000 new books to the library. How many of the new books should be science books in order to bring the percentage of science books in the library up to 45%?
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