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PSC Civil Engg. Transportation Quiz 9

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Question 1

If the formation level of a highway has a uniform gradient for a particular length and the ground is also having a longitudinal slope, the earthwork may be calculated by _____.

Question 2

Due to slipping of the wheels the rail forms ______.

Question 3

A two-lane, one-way road with the radius of 50 m is predominantly carrying lorries with the wheelbase of 5 m. The speed of lorries is restricted to be between 60 kmph and 80 kmph. The mechanical widening and psychological widening required at 60 kmph are designated as Wme, 60 and Wps, 60 respectively. The mechanical widening and psychological widening required at 80 kmph are designated as and Wme, 80 and Wps, 80 respectively.
The correct values of Wme, 60, Wps, 60, Wme, 80 and Wps, 80  respectively are

Question 4

When the speed of traffic flow becomes zero, then the

Question 5

A summit curve is formed at the intersection of a 3% up gradient and 5% down gradient. To provide a stopping distance of 128 m, the length of summit curve needed will be
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