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PSC Civil Engg: R.C.C & Pre-stress Concrete Quiz 10

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Question 1

Consider the following statements related to limit state method.
Which one of the following is INCORRECT?

Question 2

A reinforced cantilever beam of span 4 m. has cross-section of 150x500 mm. if checked for lateral stability and deflection, the beam will

Question 3

As per IS 456-2000 for the design of reinforced concrete beam, the maximum allowable shear stress depends on the

Question 4

A simply supported rectangular concrete beam of span 8m has to be prestressed with a force of 16001(N. The tendon is of parabolic profile having zero eccentricity at the supports. The beam has to carry an external uniformly distributed load of intensity 30 l(N/m. Neglecting the self-weight of the beam, the maximum dip (in meters, up to two decimal places) of the tendon at the mid-span to balance the external load should be

Question 5

Which of the following statement is true for pre-stress in PSC member?
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