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PSC Civil Engg: Hydrology Quiz 10

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Question 1

The rainfall on six successive days on a catchment was 6.5, 2.35, 4, 9.8, 7.2 and 2.67 cm. If the - index value for the storm can be assumed to be 3.78 cm/day. The total direct runoff (mm)from catchment is

Question 2

An isolated 4-hour storm occurred over a catchment as follows

The φ index for the catchment is l0mm/h. The estimated runoff depth from the catchment due to the above storm is_____mm.

Question 3

A flood wave with a known inflow hydrograph is routed through a large reservoir. The outflow hydrograph will have

Question 4

A wide channel is 1m deep and has a velocity of flow, V, as 2.13 m/s. If a disturbance is caused, an elementary wave can travel upstream with a velocity of

Question 5

Critical depth at a section of a rectangular channel is 1.5m. The specific energy at that section is
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