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Poisson's Ratio - II Starter Quiz

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Question 1

If the ratio G/E (G = modulus of rigidity, E = young’s modulus of elasticity) is 0.35 then what is the value of the poission’s ratio ?

Question 2

Young's modulus of elasticity and Poisson's ratio of a material are 2 × 105 MPa and 0.34 respectively. The modulus of rigidity of the material is________.

Question 3

If bulk modulus of an elastic material 80 GPa and poission ratio is 0.3. Then find young’s modulus for elastic material (in GPa) _______.

Question 4

A bar of 3m length, 30 mm breadth, and 20 mm thickness is subjected to a compressive stress of 50 KN/m2. What will be the final change in volume of the bar, if Poisson’s ratio is 0.30 and modulus of rigidity is 90GN/m2 ?

Question 5

An engineering material when subjected to an axial pull is observed to suffer longitudinal strain which is twice than that of lateral strain. If young’s modulus of the material is 2.1×105 MPa. Then what is its value of modulus of rigidity ______×105 MPa

Question 6

A 10 mm × 10 mm rod of a material is subjected to an axial pull of 4000 N. it was found that the lateral dimension of the rod changed to 9.9 mm × 9.9 mm. The Poisson’s ratio is (take modulus of rigidity of the material = 600 MPa)

Question 7

If a tensile test is done on brass item which is 20 mm in diameter having gage length of 100 mm and a tensile load T of 100 kN is applied, the gage marks distance increases by 2.345 mm. What will be the Poisson’s ratio when diameter of brass item decreases by 0.11 mm?
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