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Poisson's Ratio - I Starter Quiz

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Question 1

Poisson’s Ratio of a cork is

Question 2

At least three independent elastic properties are required to define the state of stress in a body, what is the relationship between given three properties wher k is bulk modulus, E is modulus of elasticity and is the poisson ratio

Question 3

A metallic rod of 500 mm length and 50 mm diameter, when subjected to a tensile force of 100 kN at the ends, experiences an increase in its length by 0.5 mm and a reduction in its diameter by 0.015 mm. The Poisson's ratio of the rod material is ________.

Question 4

A bar of 30mm diameter is subjected to pull of 60kN. The measured extension on gauge length of 200mm is 0.1mm and change in diameter is 0.004mm. Calculate bulk modulus (MN/mm2 ). (put the value upto two decimal place)

Question 5

In terms of Poisson’s ratio (ν) the ratio of Young’s Modulus (E) to Shear Modulus (G) of elastic materials is

Question 6

For a deformable engineering material, the ratio of elastic modulus E and bulk modulus K is 0.8. What will be the ratio of Youngs modulus E and rigidity modulus G?

Question 7

Given, for a material of Poisson's ratio of 0.48, the modulus of rigidity equals to 9 MPa. Find the value bulk modulus for the same _________?

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