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Poission's Distribution Starter Quiz

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Question 1

 of the total washers produced in a particular manufacturing process turn out to be faulty. Determine the probability that in a sample of 10 washers selected at random, exactly 2 will be defective, by using the Poisson approximation to the binomial distribution.

Question 2

If X is a variable has a Poisson distribution with a mean λ, λ ≠ 0.
Such that P (2) = 9P (4) + 90P (6). Then the value of mean X is +/- ___.

Question 3

If x is a poisson variate with mean =3, then P(|x – 4|<1) will be equal to

Question 4

If the probability that a patient will suffer a risky reaction from injection of a given serum is 0.001, Calculate the probability that out of the total 2000 patients, more than 2 patients will suffer a bad reaction.

Question 5

Find the probability of getting  in  of a unbiased coin.

Question 6

An observer counts 240 veh/h at a specific highway location. Assume that the vehicle arrival at the location is Poisson distributed, the probability of having one vehicle arriving over a 30 seconds time interval is ______.
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