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Per Unit System Part - 2 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

A synchronous generator with 30 MVA, 11kV 3system having an impedance of 1.5Ω. What is percentage impedance? (Give answer upto two decimal)

Question 2

A 150 MVA, 11 kV synchronous generator has an impedance of 4Ω. What will be the p.u impedance at 250 MVA and 10 kV? (Upto two decimal)

Question 3

A single line diagram of a power system network is shown below

The transformer T2 is a bank of three single phase transformers. The rating of each transformer is 100 MVA, kV with impedance X = 0.1 per phase (p.u)

The rating of generator, T1 and transmission line is as follow.

Generator G: 300 MVA, 20kV; X = 0.1Ω

Transformer T1(3): 350 MVA, kV; X = 0.1Ω

Transmission Line: 0.5Ω, 230 kV.

What will be the per unit reactance of the transformer (in p.u) ______? (Upto two decimal). Take base values as generator base.

Question 4

The main motto of the reactance diagram is

Question 5

Which of the following is the single line diagram with the data obtained as shown in figure below. (Assume base values = 50 MVA, 13.8 kV)

Question 6

What will be the p.u impedance diagram of the transformer shown below?

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