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Non Bernoulli's Trials Starter Quiz

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Question 1

Consider a ball is drawn at random from a box having 5 blue balls, 4 white balls, 6 red balls. Compute the probability that the drawn ball is

i. Not red

ii. White or red

Question 2

Calculate the probability of turning of a 4 at-least once in two draws of an unbiased die.

Question 3

A fair unbiased die is rolled thrice. What is the probability that when the sum of digits is 16, then 5 appears on atleast one of the throw?

Question 4

Determine the expectation of the sum of the numbers in rolling a pair of unbiased dice.

Question 5

Two unbiased coins are tossed. What is the probability of getting one head provided at least one tail comes?

Question 6

Bag ‘A’ contains 2 red, 3 green and 4 blue balls. Bag ‘B’ contains 4red, 6 green and 3 blue balls. Bag ‘C’ contains 2 purple, 3 blue and 4 green balls. One ball is drawn randomly from each bag. What is the probability that the balls drawn are of same color?
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