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Multiplexing and Digital Coding Techniques II Starter Quiz

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Question 1

A cellular system operator A is allocated a total spectrum of 5 MHz for deployment of on analog cellular system based on the FDMA technique, with each simplex channel occupying 25 kHz bandwidth. Assuming no guard band, the maximum number of simultaneous call possible in the system is …………

Question 2

Consider a QAM scheme with M = 16. The minimum transmission BW required for transmitting data at a rate of 12000 bps with zero ISI is?

Question 3

Consider a digital message having a data rate of 8 kbps and average energy per bit 0.01 (unit). If this message is transmitted using QPSK modulation (having intial phase of carrier as , then minimum separation distance in signal space is ____units.

Question 4

A QPSK modulator has an input data rate of 90 Mbps and a carrier frequency 65 MHz. The minimum double sided Nyquist bandwidth is ________MHz.

Question 5

The binary data 10111 is differentially encoded and transmitted using PSK. Assume reference as 1. The phase sequence after encoding is,

Question 6

A binary sequence of 1001 is transmitted by using DPSK modulation with reference bit = 0 for differential encoder. Find phase sequence of resulting DPSK signal.
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