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Mohr Circle 2 GATE 2024 Fundamental Quiz

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Question 1

The equation of Mohr circle is given by (σ – 4)2 + τ2 = 9, where σ is the normal stress and τ is the shear stress. The major principal stress is?

Question 2Multiple Correct Options

Which of the following statements are correct related to Mohr’s circle.

Question 3Multiple Correct Options

If (40, 60) and (0, 100) are any two points on Mohr’s circle of stress, then which of the following statements is/are correct?

Question 4

If the principal stresses and the maximum shear stress are of equal magnitude in a Mohr’s Circle, the state of stress can be termed as

Question 5

The major and minor principal strains in a 2D stressed element are 70μ and -25μ respectively. If the normal strain at a plane is given as 15μ, then what will be the normal strain on a plane perpendicular to it?

Question 6

At point in a body stresses developed are such that σx= 140 MPa and σy = 60 MPa and the major principle stress is 150 MPa. What is the magnitude of max in-plane shear stress __________ (in MPa).
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