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ME Quiz : Fluid Kinematics

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Question 1

The generalised continuity equation is given by_____.

Question 2

The Lagrangian approach considers the following for fluid analysis.

Question 3

A flow field which has only convective acceleration is

Question 4

A two-dimensional flow field has velocities along x and y direction given by u = x2 and v = −2xy, then equation of streamline is ___________.

Question 5

For the stream function Ψ=3x2y-y3 the velocity at point (2, 3) is _________.

Question 6

Slope of stream line is equal to

Question 7

A streamline and an equipotential line in a flow field

Question 8

Which of the following is true with respect to irrotational flow of fluid ?

Question 9

Consider a velocity field , where is a constant. The vorticity Ωz, is ________.

Question 10

The velocity at point (3,3) for the stream function ψ = –xln(xy) +x will be _________.
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