Grammar for CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT Exams

By : Raghavendra Singh

Updated : Dec 28, 2020, 9:22

Grammar is a widely asked topic in every competitive exam. Every CAT aspirant needs to thoroughly understand this topic to score well in Grammar questions for CAT. We all have learned this subject in our schools and hence need to apply them while attempting the questions. There is no separate section for Grammar for CAT but rather it is asked in the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section of the CAT Exam. Thus, one needs to brush up on grammar skills and techniques to crack the Grammar test questions. Once you have mastered the Grammar for CAT then you can score full marks in less time and devote your extra time in solving other tricky questions.

Important Grammar Topics

The important topics that appear in Grammar study guides shall be discussed here to ease your preparation for the CAT.



Verbal Ability

This topic focuses on para jumbles, sentence completion questions, out of context questions, analogy completion, critical thinking, etc. Thus one needs to solve Grammar practice questions regularly.

Reading Comprehension

In this section, the reading capability is judged through various Grammar questions and answers. The comprehension can be based on politics, socio-environmental issues, mythology, literature, or any abstract topic. 


All the other questions that can be considered as important Grammar examples will appear to underfill in the blanks, sentence connections, antonyms, one-word substitutions, etc.

Tips to Solve Grammar Questions

 The Grammar tricks that can help you solve the exam easily are listed below - 

  • Reading magazines, newspapers, novels, or any general knowledge book can help absorb more new word, unique phrases, usage of parts of speech, tenses.
  • Keep a dictionary handy, an Oxford Dictionary would work the best. Searching for meanings and understanding their usage in sentences becomes faster. 
  • Revising through NCERT English textbooks of high school can enlighten a candidate on the Grammar definition and its features. 
  • Make a flowchart or divide the Grammar notes by writing the grammar rules. These rules will come in handy while preparing for the CAT exams. 
  • Revise the Tenses chapter once again to get hang of the rules of usage of tenses in a given sentence. 

Importance of Grammar in CAT

Let's understand why Grammar questions and solutions appear in the competitive exams. 

  • The grammar section appears in non MCQ type questions too, making it more difficult to solve. Thus, understanding the core concepts, you can gain good marks. This section does not have negative marking.  
  • English has become the topmost corporate language that is widely used across many countries in the world. Thus, learning the basics of English, i.e., Grammar becomes vital. 
  • Having proficiency over a language is possible when grammar is learned properly. And, learning it thoroughly can give you confidence. This confidence works brilliantly well while facing an interview. 
  • The grammar section appears for around 30 to 40 questions divided into Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension. Thus, with a high weightage of grammar in any exam, it is highly important to study the section well.  

Most Recommended Books for Grammar

The following books have been suggested by academic experts for Grammar.



High School English Grammar and Composition

Wren and Martin

Word Power Made Easy

Norman Lewis

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension

Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay

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Question: How can I score in the verbal section of a CAT?

Answer: One shouldn’t study for verbal sections like quants. You must read more to answer this section. 

Question: How many RC passages does CAT have?

Answer: Out of 100 questions, 34 are allotted to VARC, and out of those 24 come under the RC section. It has 3 long and 2 short RC passages. 

 Question: Where can I watch online CAT lectures for Grammar preparation?

Answer: BYJU'S Exam Prep is the perfect site for viewing online video lectures on various topics prepared by CAT mentors and faculty. 

Is reading important for CAT?

Answer: While appearing for CAT, reading is the most vital aspect. As it prepares you to answer the reading comprehension section easily. It helps you to garner knowledge of the world as well as broadens your thinking ability, vocabulary. 

Question: Which site has downloadable previous years' papers?

Answer: BYJU'S Exam Prep is one of the best sites to download CAT previous years' papers. Apart from this, you will also get online quizzes, section wise quiz, daily quiz, full length mock tests with solutions.