Deductive Logic for CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT Exams

By : Raghavendra Singh

Updated : Jan 4, 2021, 6:03

Deductive logic is one of the most important topics to master while preparing for CAT exams. Deductive logic is that topic that helps in determining the logical problem-solving ability of a candidate.  Deductive logic questions for CAT exams are important to master as it tests the logical and analytical reasoning of a candidate. Mastering deductive logic shows your approach to understanding and solving a problem, a lot faster than others. Scoring good in this means improving your percentile in CAT. Deductive logic is important as it shows how logically you can conclude.   

Important Deductive Logic Topics

Here are the important topics for Deductive logic that are helpful while preparing for CAT.




In these questions, you need to draw conclusions based on two given statements

Seating Arrangement

You will either get a linear or circular seating arrangement. You have to use deductive logic to answer the question.


These is also a logical argument based questions where you have to use deductive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion.


In these questions, one or two assumptions are made. You have to use deductive logic to find out if they are true

Tips To Solve Deductive Logic Questions

Here are some tips to solve your deductive logic questions accurately and with confidence.

  • Get your basic concepts cleared by watching video lectures.
  • Practice as many deductive logic practice questions as possible.
  • Set a timer while solving the deductive logic test questions.
  • Try to improve your performance gradually. Note your mistakes and try to rectify them.

Importance of Deductive logic in CAT Exam

  • Deductive logic in CAT exams helps you in improving your aggregate percentage. It requires a lot of practice but is quite scoring.
  • In the reasoning section, deductive logic is very important. Students who take CAT exams are expected to master this skill.
  • Preparing for deductive logic in the CAT exam gives you a clear knowledge about your aptitude. 
  • While practicing deductive logic, you can get a clear idea about other topics that are relevant for your CAT exam.

Most Recommended Books For Deductive Logic

The following books will help you in preparing the deductive logic topic for CAT.



Deductive Logic

Warren Goldfarb

Deductive Reasoning Exercises for Attention and Executive Functions: Real-life Problem Solving

Carrie B. Cole

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ques. Why are deductive logic tests challenging?

Ans. Deductive logic is difficult to solve. If it was easy, it would fail to understand or determine the aptitude of candidates. Focus on practicing them as much as you can to secure a good percentile in your CAT exams.

Ques. What are the important strategies to keep in mind while solving deductive logic?

Ans. While practising, you must keep in mind that reading the question carefully is the most important part. Never lose track of time while solving the problems. Calculate the average time you can give to a particular question.

Ques. Is time crucial in solving deductive logic?

Ans. The main purpose of these questions is to see how quickly you can come to a logical conclusion. Your answers are expected to be accurate within a given time limit.

Ques. How many questions do I have to attend from deductive logic in the CAT exam?

Ans. The number of questions varies each year. There are no fixed patterns for CAT exams. Practice enough to solve them all to secure a good percentile in your exam.

Ques. Can I avoid answering questions from the deductive logic section?

Ans. Skipping questions is not a solution. It would help if you prepared well for deductive logic. Employers judge you based on your aptitude.