Data Sufficiency for CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT Exams

By : Raghavendra Singh

Updated : Dec 31, 2020, 9:17

Data sufficiency is one of those vital topics that one needs to study properly to ace CAT.  In data sufficiency questions, you need to decide whether the information given is sufficient to answer the given question or not. Data Sufficiency in CAT Exam tends to test your basic mathematics knowledge coupled with reasoning, analytical and problem-solving skills. You cannot expect to score well in the reasoning section without solving the data sufficiency questions properly. Once you have understood the concept, you need to start practising data sufficiency questions for CAT. With the right tips and tricks, you can easily score full marks in the data sufficiency part. The questions are easy to answer if you have your concepts clear.

Important Data Sufficiency Topics

Here are some of the important topics of Data Sufficiency for CAT Exam.



Seating Arrangement

There is either a linear or circular seating arrangement and based on the given information, you need to decide which one is needed to answer the question.

Blood Relation

It forms an important part in data sufficiency questions. There is usually some information given on the relation between some family members. You need to identify which of them is required to answer the question.


You need to solve various questions on arithmetic and simplification to find out which information is required to solve the question

Age puzzles

The relative age of two or three people are given and a question is asked. You have to determine which information will help you to solve the question accurately.

Tips to Solve Data Sufficiency Questions

 Here are some data sufficiency tricks to help you score well:

  • Always read each information and option separately.
  • Solve the questions. Many students make a mistake here. They simply guess which information would be sufficient to solve it.
  • Solve as many data sufficiency practice questions as possible.
  • Keep a stopwatch to check the time you take to solve the data sufficiency test questions.

Importance of Data Sufficiency Questions for CAT exam

  • It is one of the most scoring parts and helps you to improve your aggregate marks.
  • Data sufficiency questions form a major part of the reasoning section.
  • When you prepare for data sufficiency, you can also clear your concepts of other vital parts because it covers a wide range of topics.
  • Solving data sufficiency quizzes helps to improve your speed which will help you to complete your paper on time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many questions will I get from data sufficiency in CAT?

There are no fixed number of questions from data sufficiency. It varies from year to year. However, you should always  be prepared to solve them

2. How do I solve data sufficiency questions?

For solving data sufficiency questions, you need to follow a few easy steps.

  • Check the first statement. 
  • After this, check if the second statement solves the question. 
  • If required, combine both the statements and see if you get the answer

These three steps will let you solve all data sufficiency questions within seconds

3. How to increase my speed while solving data sufficiency questions?

Ans. Keep a stopwatch and check the time while you practice. Try to improve your speed gradually.

4. Can I skip the portion of data sufficiency?

Ans. Data sufficiency is one of the easiest and most scoring sections. We would advise you not to skip it.