Arithmetic for CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT Exams

By : Raghavendra Singh

Updated : Dec 29, 2020, 14:24

Arithmetic is one of the broadest topics in Mathematics. There are many topics that fall under the Arithmetic topic. Arithmetic for CAT Exam holds a significant weightage in the CAT exam. Beyond the basic number-based topics, it goes into advanced mathematical operations as well. The Arithmetic questions for CAT exam are based on the basic concepts. Arithmetic is basically the study of numbers and all the mathematical operations of addition, multiplication, subtraction, and division. In this article, we have mentioned important tricks and tips, shortcuts, and arithmetic topics to help you while preparing for the CAT exam.

Important Arithmetic Topics for CAT Exam

There are many topics included under Arithmetic, but not everything is included in the CAT syllabus. Here are the Arithmetic topics which are included for the CAT exam syllabus.



Mean, Median and Mode

The Mean is the average of a set of numbers, Median is the middle score of a number set, and Mode is the numbers that appear maximum in a set of numbers.

Simple and Compound Interest

Simple Interest helps in calculating interest accrued on the principal amount over a certain period.

Compound Interest helps in calculating interest on the principal amount and accumulated interest on it.


The Percentage is denoted by the % symbol. It is the number expressed as a fraction of 100.

Profit & Loss

The Profit and Loss help in determining profit gained or loss incurred for a product. CP stands for Cost Price and SP stands for Selling Price.

Profit = SP – CP and Loss = CP – SP

Ratio & Proportion

When a Fraction is Represented in the form of A: B, it is called Ration. Proportion is depicted in equation form where two Ratios are equal to each other. In this, both A and B are integers.

Time, Speed and Distance

These are some of the most common Arithmetic questions and answers. It is majorly concept and Formulae based.

Speed = Distance/Time, hence speed is directly proportional to Distance and Inversely Proportional to Time.

Time and Work

This is again important and mostly concept based. It represents the time taken to perform work or vice versa.

Tips to Solve Arithmetic Questions

Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while solving Arithmetic questions.

  • There are many formulae in Arithmetic, and knowing the formulae and its application can help in solving many questions. The basic formulae of Profit and Loss are important:
ProfitSP – CP; SP > CP
LossCP – SP; CP > SP
Profit %(Profit/CP) X 100  
Loss %(Loss/CP) X 100

{(100 + P%)/100} X CP and

{(100 – L%)/100} X CP


{100(100 + P%)} X SP and

{100(100 - L%)} X SP

  • The Arithmetic trick for solving Time, Distance, and Speed Questions is by knowing the conversions well. The CAT exam questions are tricky because of these conversions.
  • Strengthen your understanding of the basic concepts of additions, subtraction, multiplication, division, and decimal units. It helps in solving number questions quickly.

Importance of Arithmetic in Quantitative Section of CAT Exam

The Arithmetic Questions and solutions form the backbone of the CAT exam, and it is the foundation of Mathematics. It covers a majority of topics for the CAT Exam.

  • It is a concept based on the use of formulae and the most scoring part as 1/3rd of Quant Paper is from Arithmetic.
  • The Arithmetic study guides have different types of questions along with shortcuts and tricks to solve it.
  • These are the most common topics for the CAT exam with easy-to-understand concepts.
  • The higher is the focus on solving the Arithmetic questions, the higher is the chance of clearing the cut-off for Quant.

Most Recommended Books for Arithmetic

Book Name


About the Book

Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT

Sarvesh K Verma by Arihant Publishers

This book is considered as one of the best books as it comprises of questions for preparing Arithmetic problems with solutions and other Quant Topics for CAT Exam.

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations

RS Aggarwal by S Chand Publication

This book has thousands of questions and previous years' papers for preparing for CAT.

Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Rajesh Verma by Arihant Publications

It has number and series based Arithmetic practice questions with complete solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions for CAT Exam

1. Why is Arithmetic important for CAT?

It is the part of Quant from which the majority of the questions appear. It is high scoring and there are many sub-topics included in Arithmetic which makes it important for CAT.

2. How easy is solving Arithmetic questions for CAT?

Most of the questions are based on concepts, formulae, and tricks. By application of the right tricks and shortcuts, solving the questions becomes easy.

3. What are the most important topics in Arithmetic?

The most important topics would be number series, Profit & Loss, Time and Work and Time, Distance & Speed. Percentage Topic is also important for the CAT exam.

4. How to prepare for the arithmetic part?

 The best way to prepare for an Arithmetic example is learning tips and tricks to solve it. It helps save time and effort.