Algebra for CAT, MAT, SNAP, XAT Exams

By : Raghavendra Singh

Updated : Dec 29, 2020, 16:03

Algebra is the combination of number theory, mathematical symbols, and geometry focused on understanding and analyzing mathematical symbols. Algebra definition is broad and encompasses different domains of mathematics. The study of Algebra helps in solving basic equations and mathematical problems to complex abstractions. The Algebra questions for CAT are complex, but they can be solved in less time by applying some tricks and algebraic formulae. The problems are complicated, especially with the integration of abstraction of concept, but it can be solved with some basic tricks.

Important Algebra Topics

Algebra is divided into many branches with hundreds of equations and mathematical operations. There are many sub-branches of Algebra which open opens to different further complex areas. Here are some of the branches of Algebra topics.



Elementary Algebra

It is the most basic algebra with a focus on exploring the number systems, arithmetic operations, variables and the use of real numbers. The elementary Algebra questions and solutions mostly include equations, algebraic equations, linear equations, equalities, and inequalities problems etc.

Advanced Algebra

There are many sub-parts of Algebra included in the Advanced Algebra. The understanding of conceptions and equations helps in solving Algebra questions and answers for CAT. These are the following topics categorized under Advanced Algebra.

  • Polynomial Equations and Functions
  • Absolute Value Equations, Inequalities and Functions
  • Advanced Inequality Equations
  • Quadratic Equations & Functions
  • Exponential & Logarithmic Functions
  • Radical Equations & Functions
  • Linear Equations & Solving System
  • Matrices
  • Discrete Mathematics and Probability

Linear Algebra

This is the branch of Algebra which deals mostly deals with Linear Equations. It helps in defining basic objects in the vector spaces like planes, lines, and rotations. It includes a system of linear equations and matrices and representation along with vector space. The Algebra Study Guides for CAT includes many topics like relations, vector spaces, linear equations, matrices, and computations.

Abstract Algebra

This sub-branch of Algebra majorly deals with the abstract study in a mathematical expression like fields, modules, groups, lattices, vector spaces, lattices etc. There are different types of concepts included in the Abstract Algebra category:

  • Study of Set and Theorem of Set Theory
  • Binary Operations
  • Identity and Inverse Elements
  • Associativity

When it comes to preparing for the CAT Exam, the Algebra questions and answers mostly are mostly included from topics like Basic Algebra Formulae, Inequalities, Functions, Linear & Quadratic Equations, Logarithms etc.

Tips to Solve Algebra Questions

There are many Algebra tricks and tips which help in solving the questions easily. The understanding and implementation of formulae help in solving.

  • Let's take an example of  ax2 + bx + c = 0. In this a, b and c are constant values and x represents a variable. The power of x is a non-negative integer in a quadratic equation.
  • In linear equations, always use the trick of eliminating the options. For example, if the equation is to find the value of x in the equation, 6x + 5 = 4x -9, use the options in place of x and eliminate the wrong one.
  • Know about the formulae and try to apply the formula directly to the value for quick finding of the answers.

Download Algebra CAT Questions PDF

Importance of Algebra in the Quantitative Section of CAT Exam

  •   Algebra questions and answers pdf is important for CAT due to high weightage.
  •   Most of the questions are high scoring and based on easy concepts.
  •   The Algebra practice questions come with quick tips and tricks and formulae.
  •   The Algebra questions and solutions help in easily clearing Quant Cut-off.

Most Recommended Books for Algebra

The best Books are those which have tricks, tips, shortcuts, as well as step by step explanation of each of the Algebra test questions.

Name of bookAuthor
NCERT Class 9 to 12NCERT
How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for the CATArun Sharma

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Frequently Asked Questions about Algebra

1. What are the important topics in Algebra for the CAT exam?

There are many topics in Algebra, and it is exponentially diverse. However, the most important topics for the CAT Exam are linear equations, quadratic equations, Maxima & Minima, Logarithms, Functions, Polynomials etc.

2. Why to focus on Algebra for cracking CAT quant?

The basic Algebraic Equations and Inequalities are used in many questions for CAT. These are concept based questions and important for scoring. Understanding the basic concepts helps in solving even difficult questions.

3. How Important is Understanding Different Branches of Algebra?

The Algebra problems with solutions from different branches of Algebra help in preparing better for the CAT Exam. The Elementary and Advanced Algebra is mostly important for CAT.

4. Can I Skip Algebra while Preparing for CAT?

Algebra is high scoring with a high weightage for the CAT Exam. Skipping Algebra means not being able to score better. It is a topic not recommended not to skip. The Algebra example questions and tests help better preparation.