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Mathematics Quiz on Ratio and Proportion : 30.07.2021

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Question 1

Gold is 17 times as heavy as water and copper is 11 times as heavy as water. In what ratio should these metals be mixed so that mixture may be 13 times as heavy as water.

Question 2

The ratio of the ages of A and B, 10 years ago, was 3 : 5 . Five years ago, the ratio of their ages was 2 : 3. What will be the ratio of their ages 20 years from now?

Question 3

Find the value of ‘x’ in

Question 4

In a school there are 1500 students, 44% of them are girls. Monthly fee of each boy is 540 and fee of each girl is 25% less than that of a boy. The sum of fees of boys & girl is

Question 5

The ratio between Sumit’s and Prakash’s age at present is 2 : 3 Sumit is 6 years younger than Prakash. The ratio of Sumit’s age to Prakash’s age after 6 years will be

Question 6

A bag has 420 in the denomination of 1, 2 and 5 coins. The number 1, 2 and 5 coins are in the ratio of 8 : 1 : 5. How many coins of 5 are in the bag?

Question 7

The ratio of income of A and B is 5: 6, C: B is 3:4 and C: D is 2: 5. If we subtract the difference of D and B's income from the sum of A and C's income then it is equal to 680 rupees. Then find the sum of the income of A, B, C and D?

Question 8

The ratio of copper and zinc in a 72 kg alloy is 5:4. Some quantity of copper is extracted from it and then the ratio of the alloy becomes 3:4. What quantity of copper is taken out?

Question 9

The income of A is 60% less than that of B and the expenditure of A is equal to 60% of B’s expenditure. If A’s income is equal to 70% of B’s expenditure, then what is the ratio of the savings of A and B?

Question 10

Rs. 200 was distributed among three persons – Anil, Binay and Chinmay. Binay received 50% more than Chinmay. Anil received Rs. 10 more than 150% of what Binay received. How much money did Anil receive?
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