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Mathematics quiz on Profit, loss and Ages (11-11-2020)

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Question 1

The marked price of a table fan is rupees 2500 and the shop keeper allows a discount of 8 percent on it. Find the selling price of the table fan?

Question 2

Find the single discount to two successive discounts of 25% and 5%?

Question 3

Ram bought a product and sold it to Shyam for Rs. 2100 . Shyam marked the price of the product 50% above the cost price and sold it at a discount of 12%. If the profit by Ram and Shyam was equal, for how much did Ram bought the product?

Question 4

If a dishonest dealer sells wheat and he is giving 750 gm instead of 1000 gm. Calculate his actual profit percentage.

Question 5

A dishonest shopkeeper cheats at time of buying and selling the products. He weights 20% more at time of buying and 10% less at time of selling. What is his total profit?

Question 6

15 year ago Mohan was five times as old as Rohan. Now Mohan is only thrice as old as Rohan then what is the sum of the present ages of Mohan and Rohan.

Question 7

Kamal is 4 times as old as his brother. 3 years later, Kamal will be 3 and half times as old as his brother. How old is Kamal?

Question 8

Three years ago Sachin’s age was 3 years more than 6 times his son’s age. Four years later his age will be ten years less than four times his son’s age. Find their present ages.

Question 9

The sum of the present ages of a person and his nephew is 40 years. 4 years ago, the age of uncle was thrice the age of the nephew. Find the person’s age.

Question 10

The present age of Simran is 5 years more than the present age of his brother Mohan. The present age of their father is twice the sum of their ages. At the time of Mohan’s birth their father’s age was 8 times of the age of Simran. Find Simran’s present ages.
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