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Mathematics quiz on Profit, loss and Ages (09-10-2020)

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Question 1

Find the profit percent, if Sushant goes from X to Y to buy an article costing 15% less at Y. Although he spends Rs. 150 on travelling, still he gains Rs. 150 compared to buying it at X.

Question 2

Sonali sold her car at 10% below the cost price to Kartik. Kartik got the car repaired and spent Rs. 5000. He then sold the car to Rahul at 20% above the total cost which is equal to Rs 1,00,000. Find the actual price of the car (nearest to hundred).

Question 3

Two partner X and Y has their monthly expenditure is Rs 28000 and invest in the ratio 3 : 4 in a business. What should be their income so that X get Rs. 6000 as profit?

Question 4

At the end of the financial year three partner A, B, & C receive profit in ratio of 24 : 18 : 15. If they have invested in ratio of 8 : 9 : 10, find the ratio of time in which they have invested the money in the corporation.

Question 5

A cloth seller sells 80% of his stock for a particular item and recovers the cost price. If he sells the remaining stock at the same price then what will be his profit percentage after selling the complete stock?

Question 6

The age of man is 35 year more than his son. In 3 years, the man age will be twice that of his son find the present age of his son?

Question 7

A is 20 year older than B. Five year ago A was two time as old as B, then find the present age of A

Question 8

The difference in the age of two friends A and B is 30 years. If three years ago the elder one of the two was three times as old as the younger one. Find their present years.

Question 9

The total age of A and B is 14 years more than the total age of B and C. C is how many years younger than A

Question 10

A and B are friends and their ages differ by 3 years. A’s father D is thrice as old as A and B is thrice as old as his sister C. The age of D and C differ by 41 years, find the age of B.
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