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Mathematics quiz on Percentage (16-11-2020)

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Question 1

What is the value of 0.025 in percentage?

Question 2

A tin contains 20 liters of petrol. Due to leakage, 3 liters of petrol is lost. What percent of petrol is present in the tin?

Question 3

of 180+20% of ? % of 340

Question 4

The number of members of an institution is 2500. If the number of members in first year increases by 10% and in the second year decreases by 10%, then after two years what is the increase or decrease in the number of members?

Question 5

The production of food grains of a country in 1984 is 15 hect. Tonnes and in 1985 is 30 hect. Tonne respectively. Find the percentage increase in production from 1984 to 1985.

Question 6

What is the value of (1/2)% in decimals?

Question 7

if then x is equal to?

Question 8

When the price of TV set was increased by 30%, the number of TV sold was decreased by 20%. What was the effect on the overall sales?

Question 9

If A earns 25% less than B, what percent more does B earn than A?

Question 10

If 30% of a number is 15 less than 60% of that number, then the number is
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