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Mathematics quiz on Percentage (14-10-2020)

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Question 1

Find the percentage change in the cost of washing machine which first increased by 25% and then decreased by 5%.

Question 2

In an examination 35% candidates failed in Hindi, 42% failed in mathematics and 15% failed in both the subject, find the percentage of total failed.

Question 3

A student multiplied a number by  instead of , what is the percentage error in the calculation?

Question 4

A college decided to increase its employee’s salary by 30%, but due to corona virus pandemic disease, the colleges later decide to decrease 20% in salary of its employees. What is the net change in salary?

Question 5

Vimal receives 44 points out of 80 in French, 83 out of 100 in English, 45 points out of 70 in Spanish and 38 points out of 50 in Japanese. Find the total percentage of the marks obtained by him (% in).

Question 6

Anju income is 35% more than that of Pranjal. What percent is Pranjal income less than that of Anju?

Question 7

What is the quantity whose 12% is 28.

Question 8

The price of onion is reduced by 4%. How many more or less kg of onion can now be bought for the money which was sufficient to buy 48 kg onion earlier?

Question 9

Chinu spends 20% of his dad's income on tuition fee, 30% on room rent, and half of the remaining on food. He spends Rs. ___________ on medicine. He saves Rs. 1750, which is 35% of the remaining amount after spending on the tuition fees, room rent and food.

Question 10

Nidhi wrote 6 hrs 50 minutes incorrectly as 6.50 hrs. The difference between correct and incorrect time written by Nidhi is what percent of hours?
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