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Mathematics quiz on Measurement and Miscellaneous Topics (21-10-2020)

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Question 1

On a state map, at its one corner it is mentioned “Scale 1 cm = 110 meters”. If on the map the measured distance between any two cities is 9.7 cm, the actual distance between the two cities is approximately

Question 2

Which one of the following is not correct?

Question 3

Which one of the following is not correct?

Question 4

The number of seconds in 6 hours equals the number of minutes in day.

Question 5

The weight of some papayas is 3 kg 30 g and the weight of some apples is 1 kg 765 g. By how much the weight of apples is less than the weight of papayas?

Question 6

Find numeric value of nine thousand, nine hundred nine rupees.

Question 7

Find the missing number

2, 5, 17, 71, ____

Question 8

Total number of view a solid have: -

Question 9

What is the sum of vertices and faces of a cube

Question 10

Convert 210 minutes into hours?
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