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Mathematics quiz on Measurement and Miscellaneous Topics (16-09-2020)

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Question 1

Find the number of cubic units in:

Question 2

Find the volume of this solid:

Question 3

In which of the following, lengths have been arranged in decreasing order?

Question 4

The price list of vegetables in a super market is given as follows:

Sanjay buys  kg tomatoes, 1 kg potatoes,  kg carrot, 250 g chillies and 6 lemons. He gives a note of Rs. 200 to the bill clerk at the counter. How much money will he get back?

Question 5

What time is 4 hours 59 minutes before 2 : 58 P.M.

Question 6

It was Wednesday on March 22, 2017. What was the day of the week March 22, 2020?

Question 7

Convert 4 hrs 45 min into minutes?

Question 8

Convert 6 days into minutes?

Question 9

The following time line shows some of the important dates in Sarah’s life:

Determine when Sarah was born:

Question 10

Jill has 120 cans to put in her supermarket display. It takes her 4 seconds to position each can. How many minutes will it take Jill to complete the Job?
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