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Mathematics quiz on Average and Percentage (07-08-2020)

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Question 1

 The average of all prime number between 15 and 30 are:

Question 2

The average of 5 consecutive even number is 8 find the smallest of these number.

Question 3

The average height of the first six employee is 170 cm, the average height of the last eight

employee is 175 cm. The average height of the total 16 employee is 180 cm. what will be the average height of the rest two employee.

Question 4

The average of 15 value is 20. If 3 is multiplied to each number then find the new average?

Question 5

If the average age of 10 students is 18 years. If one student whose age is 15 years left the school, then find the new average.

Question 6

Write 95 out of 200 as a percentage.

Question 7

What is 15% of 75?

Question 8

If Virat scored 20% less runs than Gambhir then how many percent more runs did Gambhir score than Virat?

Question 9

What will be the effect on the area of a rectangle after decreasing its length and breadth by 20 and 25 percent respectively?

Question 10

In an examination, a student got 35% marks and failed by 18 marks. In the same examination, another student got 55% marks and fetched 54 marks more than the minimum marks required to pass. What percent of total marks is pass marks?
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