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Mathematics quiz on Average (15-11-2020)

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Question 1

Find the average of the largest and smallest 4-digit numbers formed by 0, 1, 3 and 5?

Question 2

The average of 35 observations was 36. It was later found that in two observations, 36 was taken instead of 26 and 18 instead of 81. What is the correct average?

Question 3

The average of six numbers is 32. If one number is excluded, the average becomes 28. The omitted number is:

Question 4

The average marks scored by 50 students was 200. Later on, it was noted that one mark 145 was wrongly copied as 155. Find the correct average?

Question 5

The average of 8 number is 40. The average of first four number is 24 and that of the last 3 number is 30. What is the 5th number?

Question 6

The average weight of 40 students living in hostel A is 70 kg. In the same college, the average weight of 60 students living in hostel B is 60 kg, Find the combined average weight of hostel.

Question 7

Sanjay walk from A to B at the rate of 6 km per hour and returns back at the rate of 4 km per hour. What is the average speed of the whole journey?

Question 8

The average of 15 numbers is 27 in which the average of first 7 is 25 and the average of last seven is 31. Find the 8th number.

Question 9

Three numbers whose average is 250, the first is one fourth of the sum of the others. The first number is:

Question 10

The average height of 20 pole is 153 cm. It is discovered later on while calculating the average, the reading 151 cm was wrongly read as 141 cm. Find the correct average.
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