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Mathematics Pedagogy Quiz (10.08.2020)

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Question 1

Various components of comprehensive and continuous evaluation are.

Question 2

Criterion of an ideal evaluation are: -

Question 3

Which of the following subjects, mathematics is highly correlated—

Question 4

If two objects moving at a km/hr and b km/hr in opposite direction, then relative speed is:

Question 5

Which method is more suitable for teaching at degree and diploma level.

Question 6

A set which includes all rational number as well as all irrational number, is called a set of:

Question 7

Consider the following statements:

I. If product of two irrational quantities is rational, then each is called the rationalization factor of the other.

II. If  and  are two fractions, then  is a fraction whose value is greater than .

Question 8

Consider the following statements:

I. Union of two set is commutative.

II. For three set union of set is associative.

Which above statements is correct:

Question 9

The total number of subsets of empty set is:

Question 10

Which efforts should be made for doing away with hurdles in the utilization of resources?
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