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Math Pedagogy Quiz (21-09-2020)

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Question 1

Consider the following lesson plan on Profit and Loss?

Student ‘A’ and ‘B’ are involved to demonstrate in selling an item with price tag of Rs 10 . Where, Student ‘A’ as seller and Student ‘B’ as buyer. Other students are asked to observe. How much ‘A’ paid for the item? How much ‘B’ may have paid for the item? (more than Rs 10 or less)

The above statement is an example of, which steps of 5’E model?

Question 2

In which step students are required to work for addressing the issues or problems raised in the first phase, according to five E’s model of teaching mathematics:

Question 3

Consider the following lesson plan regarding area.

If teacher listen student’s explanation with respect to answer from each group and ask students to justify where ever necessary. Also, provide explanation and justification where ever needed.

Compares result of each group to arrive Total No. of Boxes = (No. of Box in Length) × (No. of Box in breadth)

According to five E’s model of teaching mathematics the above statements comes under which step?

Question 4

At which level of development of geometrical thought a child may be able to carry out the learning of geometry through logical reasoning by adopting deductive approach in a proper way.

Question 5

In which of the following methods child himself attains the knowledge of some formula or principle with the help of facts, examples and experiments?

Question 6

Conative domains of learning is also called as:

Question 7

Which are expert made test:

Question 8

In which type of correlation teacher plays a prominent role.

Question 9

Purpose of assignment in Mathematics:

Question 10

Birkhoff’s measure of aesthetic sense or beauty provided by the formula:
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