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Math Pedagogy Quiz (14-09-2020)

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Question 1

Understanding at higher levels comes under: -

Question 2

What will be the area of a rhombus if its diagonals are 8.0 cm and 10.0 cm?

Question 3

The terms which are taken to illustrate the fundamental proposition are called—

Question 4

Consider the following statements:

I. Mathematics does not only help in developing and controlling the faculties of an individual, it also equips him with proper intellect, reasoning and seriousness needed to lead a responsible life.

II. Mathematics does not only acquaint us with the culture and civilization but it also helps in its preservation, promotion and transmission to the coming generation.

Which above statements is correct:

Question 5

Which measure may prove fruitful for encouraging self-study in mathematics?

Question 6

How to arouse interest for learning mathematics?

Question 7

Which gives quantitative as well as qualitative data or information.

Question 8

Out of the following, Language of Mathematics is

Question 9

Out of the following, Mathematics in a strict sense is a

Question 10

Which method of diagnosis are applied only for children for prognosis and diagnosis.
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