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Math Pedagogy Quiz (07-09-2020)

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Question 1

Which is problem-centred and democratic technique –

Question 2

Consider the following statements related to advantage of drill work.

I. It is a good technique of learning for beginners.

II. Drill work creates disturbance in the other classes.

Which of the above statements is correct?

Question 3

Considered the following statements:

I. The gifted children rate is far above the average in physique, social adjustment, school adjustment and versatility of interest.

II. The gifted children love to remain in discipline.

Which of the above statement is true regarding gifted children?

Question 4

Consider the following statements:

I. Mathematics allows students to learn the input of learning directly and afterwards.

II. Mathematics does help in training and disciplining the mind.

Which above statement is correct.

Question 5

Which is the initial stage of teaching learning mathematics?

Question 6

If a child recognizes that ‘’all square are rectangles, but not all rectangles are square’’, then the child has which notable feature.

Question 7

Kothari commission (1964-66) suggested “science and mathematics should be taught on a compulsory basis to all pupils as a part of general education during first ten years of schooling”. Which is true about this statement?

Question 8

Which technique of teaching mathematics based on the Psychological Principles such as learning by doing and law of exercise?

Question 9

On asking a child “What is area?”, he/she answered length × breadth. What can you say about the child’s understanding about the concept of area?

Question 10

To develop skill of counting among children, which one of the following is not required to be learned as pre number concept?
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