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Losses in pipes Quiz Discussion Achievers Practice Quiz 9

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Question 1

Which of the following causes the major loss in the long pipes?

Question 2

The water is flowing through 800 m long circular pipe of diameter 30 cm with the velocity of 0.26 m/s. The friction factor for the pipe is given as 0.016. What is the head loss (cm) in the pipe due to friction?

Question 3

The minor loss due to sudden contraction is due to :

Question 4

Consider the following statements:

In a pipe network

1) At any junction of a loop, the total inflow is equal to the total outflow

2) At any junction, loss of head in clockwise branch is equal to the loss of head in anticlockwise branch

3) At any junction, head is the same

4) Head loss in each loop is the same

Of these statements

Question 5

During the obstruction in a pipe, loss of energy takes place due to :

Question 6

What is the head loss in pipe due to friction over the length of 30 km, if the diameter of pipe is 80 cm and velocity of flow is 30 cm/s? Take friction factor 0.032.

Question 7

The If the velocity of flow as well as the diameter of the flowing pipe are respectively doubled through pipe system in use since long, the head loss will thereafter be
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