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KVS TGT Exam 2021: Mini Mock Test - 15

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Question 1

Direction: Identify the most appropriate antonym of the underlined-bold word in the sentence given below.
Your brother is innocent in this case. His friends instigated him to stoop so low.

Question 2

Fill in the blank with the most suitable idiom or phrase from the given options:

Despite every effort, my parents still think that I ___________________.

Question 3

हवन से संबंधित सामग्री वाक्य के लिए एक शब्द है -

Question 4

राम की शक्ति पूजा किसकी रचना है

Question 5

Who has won Emmy 2020 award for Best Actress in Drama category?

Question 6

Who won US Open 2020 Men’s singles title?

Question 7

Which is the 1st Bollywood celebrity signed by Amazon.com Inc for Alexa voice assistant?

Question 8

What is common between the following? Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest

Question 9

Thesaurus tool in MS-Word is used for:

Question 10

Which of the following statement is correct about the two-factor theory?

Question 11

According to Robert Plutchik, there are:

Question 12

According to which theory, stimulating events trigger a physical reaction?

Question 13

Select the pair of words from the given options that shares a similar relationship as

Ship : Sailor

Question 14

Select the odd number pair among the given alternatives.

Question 15

Select the missing number from the given options?

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