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KVS TGT Exam 2021: Mini Mock Test - 14

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Question 1

Direction: Identify the most appropriate antonym of the underlined-bold word in the sentence given below.

Would like to deal with her frequently. I admire her amicable business methods.

Question 2

Fill in the blank with the most suitable idiom or phrase from the given options:

One should not befriend a person with _____________.

Question 3

शाखा’ का बहुवचन शब्द है।

Question 4

उस मूल ध्वनि को, जिसके खंड न हो सकें – उसे क्या कहते हैं?

Question 5

Chaitra Jatra Festival was celebrated on the bank of which river?

Question 6

World Meteorological Day is celebrated on which date?

Question 7

What is the theme of 2020 International day of forests?

Question 8

Answering the questions referring to the word sequence given below.

ZEF   MHT    SFG     WSY    ENO   AYK

When the first and second letter of each word is interchanged, then how many meaningful words will be formed?

Question 9

The questions given below are based on five four-digit numbers.

6598            3982            9675              6863             2032

If in each number second and third digit are interchanged, then what is the product of all the digits of third lowest number thus formed?

Question 10

Study the following alphanumeric series carefully and answer the questions given below:

68EAFR    73WBO     52ENDO     84TVZR     65GRTY
If all the numbers are arranged in ascending order, then which letter is 10th from the right end among letters?

Question 11

Which key is pressed to display Save As dialog box in MS Excel?

Question 12

Which sign is used in the beginning of the formulae?

Question 13

Under which duration of age the child recognises the sounds of human beings and gives smiles to the person.

Question 14

VAKT approach was introduced by:

Question 15

Who is the centre of teaching learning process?
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