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KVS TGT Exam 2020: Mini Mock Test - 05

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Question 1

Choose the appropriate option in the blank:

Anyone with a degree ________ allowed to fill the form.

Question 2

Complete the sentence with the most suitable word:

Do you think it is a good idea to ban smoking _____ public places?

Question 3

निम्न में से कर्तृवाच्य के लिए सही है -

Question 4

बच्चा रोता है। वाक्य में वाच्य है -

Question 5

Which shortcut key is used to go to a specific cell?

Question 6

The highlighted box or cell is known as ______?

Question 7

The Chipko movement is associated with which of the following states?

Question 8

Who is the founder of Grameen Bank of Bangladesh?

Question 9

Who was awarded with Jnanpith award, 2017?

Question 10

Take the given statements as true even if they seem to be at variance from commonly known facts and decide which of the conclusions logically follows from the statements.
All Mangoes are fruits. Some fruits are vegetables. No vegetable is cereal.
I. Some fruits are Mangoes
II. Some cereals are vegetables
III. Some fruits are cereals.

Question 11

Choose the correct alternative which will complete the given letter – series.

Question 12

In a certain code CONQUER is written as MNBRQDT. How is STEAMER written in that code?

Question 13

Who is the centre of teaching learning process?

Question 14

Excretion of saliva on hearing sound of bell in Pavlov’s dog is:

Question 15

If an individual is ready to work and he is not given work he gets
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