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KVS TGT Exam 2020: Mini Mock Test - 01

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Question 1

Which skills are noticed in ‘picture dictation’ other than drawing?

Question 2

Choose the word that is opposite in meaning to the given word.


Question 3

इनमें से कौन-सी छन्दशास्त्र की प्रथम पुस्तक है?

Question 4

इनमें से किस छन्द में प्रथम अंतिम शब्द समान होता है?

Question 5

The resolution of celebrating International Day of Yoga is passed in _________________________.

Question 6

Which of the following organization entered the Limca Book of Records for performing Yoga for the longest duration?

Question 7

Which of the following is correct with respect to the appointment of Lee Hsein Loong?

Question 8

Study the following figures and find out the number opposite to 4.


Question 9

Which number will appear at the bottom face in second view of dice?

Question 10

Saurabh wants to book a restaurant to organise his anniversary function. Restaurant P costs Rs. 800 per person while restaurant Q costs Rs. 21600 plus Rs. 320 per person. Determine the number of people for which both the restaurants will cost same on rent.

Question 11

What is the full form of Bit?

Question 12

Spam is

Question 13

“Interview is that tool by which oral or written information can be obtained” is a statement of:

Question 14

The merits of introspection method are:

Question 15

Extrospection method is:
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